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We have been staying at Imperial Dam Bureau of Land Management in the most southeastern part of California. Yuma, Arizona is 24 miles away.  It cost us $40.00 for 14 days.  And they have water and dump stations including trash bins. Darn good deal! The landscape in this area is very diverse. At our campsite it is mountainous, sandy rocky soil, just as you would imagine.


But the diversity comes when you drive along highway 24 to Yuma. All of a sudden you see these aesthetically alluring green fields and mixed in with that are groves of date palms. It really is something to see! They even have a place to buy  date milkshakes. The field of greens are covered with all kinds of lettuce and kale.

img_0702 img_0712

We saw a field yesterday that looked like a carpet of purple. Guessing it was red cabbage?!


They are harvesting the lettuce right now and planting more in those cultivated fields. They actually box the lettuce as they harvest it. Large crews of people are out working in the fields.


I saw a sign in Yuma that read, this area is the largest winter crop producer in the world. Just think, it is January and 70 degrees out with all these green fields growing from this excellent soil. George told me the Colorado River flooded over time and it brought all this rich soil which was deposited here. I grew up in a farming community and it surely was a welcome sight to drive past these beautiful field of greens.

2 thoughts on “Field of Greens”

  1. Wow! That is neat. Did you get to eat any of the fresh greens or try the date milkshake? Sounds exotic.

    1. I did get some dates to eat because I couldn’t remember what they were like. They are very sweet and have a good sized pit. They remind me of the filling in Fig Newtons, which, are probably figs, not dates! There is quite a process to growing and harvesting dates.

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