Day 1: We had a wonderful family visit with our son Andrew, his wife Jess and our grandson, Darryl. Andrew and family arrived at 1:00 AM to spend the night with us and then on to the Embassy Suites for the rest of their stay.

Day 2: Andrew suggested we go to Sandia Peak Tramway right outside of Albuquerque. Sandia Peak is 10,378 in elevation. The tramway goes for up 3,819 ft before reaching the peak. I am extremely afraid of heights so I looked down on the floor for most of the ride but my three year old, soon to be four, grandson was standing on the seat plastered to the window, not a care in the world.  The scene up top was of the Cibola National Forest. I have never been that high before so I still have night mares of looking down from the peak.  But everyone else loved it. 

Day 3: Pecos National Historical Park near Santa Fe. Wow was that exciting to be with my grandson Darryl and his mom and dad! The lady in the shop began our visit with handing each of us a brochure. On the front is a picture of the mission that still stands today although not fully intact. Darryl was walking up the path in front of me holding his brochure or as he called it his map,so adorable. All of a sudden he says,” Hey guys, I found it, I found it!”  He was so delighted with himself using his map and finding the picture that was on front. And there was the building right in front of us. Just doesn’t get any funner than that. Anyway, the path was about a mile long with many pueblo village remains and a spanish mission. Amazing place to visit especially with the grandson!

Day 4: Albuquerque Zoo, of course we had to go there!  Feeding the poi fish and the ducks was quit the highlight. These  siasiamang gibbons that let out these very,very loud cries got our attention . Their chin puffs up and it is the size of their head.  Most unusual monkey I have ever seen.  Nice zoo and not to long or tiring a walk. 

Swimming and cocktails at the Embassy Suites after our adventure and Darryl spent the night with us. He loves our big red house on wheels. Thanks Andrew and Jess and Darryl for coming to visit us in New Mexico. We miss you all, love, mom/grandma.

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