We made our way to a farm in Burley,Idaho to visit our nieces Alex and Libby. Alex lives on the farm with her boyfriend Zack. They actually had hook-ups for water and electric, how fantastic is that! We parked right at the edge of their lawn.  We were greeted warmly by a goat named Charlie and a dog named Blue.  Charlie the goat wanders around the yard just like the dog, they even know how to open the back door of the house and let themselves in if the door is left unlocked! How hilarious is that!!!

On day two of our visit Alex took us to a place called Cauldron Linn. It is a beautiful waterfall that comes from the Snake River being forced through. a passage that is less than 40 feet wide. Cauldron Linn is also called Star Falls. That same day we went to Twin Falls and saw the waterfalls on the Snake River in Southern Idaho in the Snake River Canyon. They call these falls “The Niagara Falls of the West “, with good reason, these falls are very powerful.

That evening our other niece, Libby, drove over from Pocatello, Idaho where she is a student at the University of Idaho. We all went out to dinner at Morey’s Steak House in Burley. Lots of great food and drinks. And the night was wonderful with my sister, Traci’s beautiful daughters. Love to you all.


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