We made our way to Oregon, after visiting Idaho.  We wanted to see Portland and Astoria. Portland was our first stop. George found a great place to park our motorhome in Troutdale, Oregon, right outisde of Portland. We took the metro bus to  Gresham and got on the light rail. One of the regular passengers showed us where to get off and onto a bus that took us to our destination which was the Powell Book Store, the largest new and used book store in the world.  This was listed in my travel book, Road Trip USA by Jamie Jensen.  You would have to live here so you could go back and back and back again other the years to see it all. What a fantastic time we had, we bought several items to take home with us. Then off to the brewery a few blocks away. Portland was a very friendly city.

Next stop was Astoria, Oregon. What a cool town right on the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean.  We drove through Astoria looking at all different style of houses with a lot of them having victorian style, painted in bright colors. It was really a quaint and inviting place.  At a restaurant where we had lunch in Astoria,  our waiter told us  to go the Astoria Tower in town, which was located on a hill. We found our way up to the tower which is painted with pictures depicting the history of the area. You can walk up the inside of the tower and go observe the view from the top.  Also, at the gift shop there, you can purchase a balsam toy airplane and toss it from the tower. The view from atop that hill is the most breathtaking site I have ever seen. It is my favorite view of all time!!! The Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean meeting with forests in the foreground and background. So happy to have seen that place.


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