Vacationing with the Family in Wisconsin

To end our summer in Madison, we all decided to go to northern Wisconsin and rent a cabin on a lake.  George and I were going to take off after our vacation with the family and head out on the road again. So we drove our RV towing our car and the best part was our grandkids rode along with us. Plus their dog Hotdog.

The first night of traveling we stayed at Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest on Black Lake. Andy, our son-in-law’s favorite lake in Wisconsin. There are no houses on the lake so it makes it very special and the loons were calling in the morning and the evening. I love me a loon!

That morning, we headed for the cabin at Delta Lodge which is on Delta Lake. There were no TV’s, cell phone service or internet but we survived. Not only survived but had the most fantastic time.

Delta Lodge had several one person kayaks with paddles for everyone to use. Each cabin  had it’s own dock and row boat too. Sandy swimming area with a swimming platform was right below our cabin.

Delta Lake is a small glacial lake. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the lake. Because the water was so clear and because Delta Lake was formed by glaciation we actually saw very tiny jellyfish in the lake while we were kayaking, it was amazing! Our grandson,Graham, used his underwater camera to film the jellyfish. Our daughter, Jamie, swam all the way across the lake and back!! Three cheers to her.   Grandpa George fished with the kids off our dock and taught them how to remove the hook from the fish and put their own worms on the hook. Great memories.

The next day, Andy took us to Bayfield, Wisconsin on Lake Superior. It looked like we were in Bar Harbor, Maine. What a quaint little town with cute shops and great restaurants and lots of sail boats, gulls, and ferries.  The population in Bayfield is 487.   So glad Andy took us there.  The Apostle Islands are located on Lake Superior close to Bayfield so we took a 10 minute ferry ride to Madeline Island.  It was truly island life with a open tiki bar, lots of shops and restaurants.   We walked down the coast in town until we came to the city park which has a sandy beach ,so Jamie and family all got in Lake Superior and went for a swim.  Beautiful, beautiful day.

This time as our family was leaving, I didn’t watch them walk away and that helped with all the emotions a grandma might feel. Our summer and this trip was just what the doctor ordered. Ready to explore again but coming back to Madison for Thanksgiving, hooray!!




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    1. Hi Jeannette,

      We are full time and this is the only home we have. When people ask us where we are from, we do say Wisconsin, since that is where our official state of residence and mailing address is, but in reality, we could just as well point to the RV and say we’re from right there!

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