Magnolia Beach, TX

We’re hiding from the cold on the Gulf Coast. It was surprisingly chilly as we headed for San Antonio to meet up with my son and his family. We had a great time.

Now we are parked at Magnolia Beach, Texas, on the beach no less along Lavaca Bay.

Looking to the north out the windshield while camping on Magnolia Beach

Tonight, I am sitting in the front seat staring to the north out of our windshield. It’s expected to storm tonight as a cold front moves through. I can see lightning off to the north east.

Same general direction at night. Big refineries and plenty of industry located all over the gulf shores. It is easy to see why hurricanes can impact so much of commerce and life here.

The thing that strikes me is how much the Gulf of Mexico impacts the weather up north. The plains states rely almost entirely on the warm humid air of the gulf to provide the rains to sustain agriculture all the way to North Dakota and beyond.

As a land lubber, completely ignorant of the ways of the sea, and open water. I can’t help but wonder if the sea level will change much as the storms move through? It isn’t like a hurricane or anything, but if the wind blew pretty hard, I can’t help but wonder if it would push the water level up to the RV?

I hooked the car up just in case we need to make a fast getaway, LOL.


2 thoughts on “Magnolia Beach, TX”

  1. I was thinking of moving into an RV. How does this work? I do not wish to have a physical address, but what of license, etc?

    1. Hi Kim,

      There are companies that will provide you an address to use for mailing purposes. If you don’t want to become a resident of a different state you can get a box at places like the UPS store or mailboxes etc. the companies that do that s best will forward your mail when you want it. So, that’s it, no real physical address, but more of a legal one for things like licenses, voter registration, etc. I hope you get to do the RV thing!

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