The summer of train hopping! Part I

I’ve been meaning to make blog posts more often, but I’ve just been lacking in motivation. Fortunately, or perhaps, unfortunately, depending on your perspective. I feel more motivated.

I have mentioned in videos, how the key to living a wandering life is to be a wanderer at heart. We are starting our fourth year on the road this August (2019). I follow lots of nomads, and train hoppers on youtube. It’s interesting because people don’t last on the road always, and I’m sure there will be a day down the road that we’ll be pulled from our wandering ways, but if you are a true wanderer at heart, the trials and tribulations of living in an RV are relatively minor, most of the time;). Hopefully, the end of our nomadic existence will be a long time from now, although, at almost 63, there isn’t such a thing as a long time, if there ever was.

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The Summer Of Train Hopping! Part II

Let me be very direct, if you have an inkling or maybe even a major itch, to ride trains, don’t do it without some help. I don’t follow all that many train riders on Youtube, but two of them, which amounts to about 30% of those I follow, have met with significant accidents.

Jim Stobie, aka Stobe the Hobo, or Hobestobe on Youtube, arguably the most widely known modern hobo, was fatally injured in an accident with an Amtrak train in the Baltimore area. I don’t really know the full details so my knowledge is secondhand at best. Apparently he was on a bridge without a walkway, which isn’t uncommon, especially back east where much of the infrastructure is old or created in narrow right-of-ways. He was supposedly on the bridge when Amtrak came screaming past and his backpack was somehow caught by the passing train. The result was a dragging that ended in fatal injuries.

RIP Stobe

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