The summer of train hopping! Part I

I’ve been meaning to make blog posts more often, but I’ve just been lacking in motivation. Fortunately, or perhaps, unfortunately, depending on your perspective. I feel more motivated.

I have mentioned in videos, how the key to living a wandering life is to be a wanderer at heart. We are starting our fourth year on the road this August. I follow lots of nomads, and train hoppers on youtube. It’s interesting because people don’t last on the road always, and I’m sure there will be a day down the road that we’ll be pulled from our wandering ways, but if you are a true wanderer at heart, the trials and tribulations of living in an RV are relatively minor, most of the time;). Hopefully, the end of our nomadic existence will be a long time from now, although, at almost 63, there isn’t such a thing as a long time, if there ever was.

So, it’s always more of a struggle for Terri to be away from family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, their spouses, our grandchildren, etc. It’s fantastic when we spend time together, but I get antsy to be moving within a month or so, that’s just me. It’s my nature, and it’s exactly why I love this lifestyle so much. I’m enjoying a general contentedness that comes from a few glasses of wine or beer and maybe on special occasions a little weed to top things off. The only thing is, I feel that way without the help of intoxicants, it’s my existence and the feeling comes from being in sync with who you are, in my case, a person who thrives on changes. That’s my personal paradox, the constant I need is constant change.

So, last summer I hopped a freight train, for what I figured would be the last time. However, luckily, that hasn’t turned out to be the case;) I think Terri and I have hit upon a pretty good balance. We’ll spend the entire summer in Wisconsin near my daughter’s house in Madison, the last place we had a sticks and bricks dwelling, which will make Terri happy, and I’ll take some time to myself to ride the rails!!! Yay!

Near the appropriately named Wheatland, ND

By staying put, I get to wander! Makes sense, right?

So, I thought I would blog a little bit about my experiences riding the rails this summer. First objective, Glacier National Park by freight train;)


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