The summer of train hopping! Part I

I’ve been meaning to make blog posts more often, but I’ve just been lacking in motivation. Fortunately, or perhaps, unfortunately, depending on your perspective. I feel more motivated.

I have mentioned in videos, how the key to living a wandering life is to be a wanderer at heart. We are starting our fourth year on the road this August (2019). I follow lots of nomads, and train hoppers on youtube. It’s interesting because people don’t last on the road always, and I’m sure there will be a day down the road that we’ll be pulled from our wandering ways, but if you are a true wanderer at heart, the trials and tribulations of living in an RV are relatively minor, most of the time;). Hopefully, the end of our nomadic existence will be a long time from now, although, at almost 63, there isn’t such a thing as a long time, if there ever was.

The biggest drawback, and to me, the only drawback, of wandering constantly is being away from family for extended periods. It’s always more of a struggle for Terri to be away from everyone than for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, their spouses, our grandchildren, etc. It’s fantastic when we spend time together, but I get antsy to be moving within a month or so, that’s just me. It’s my nature, and it’s exactly why I love this lifestyle so much. I’m enjoying a general contentedness that is sometimes found in a few glasses of wine or beer and maybe on special occasions a little weed to top things off. The only thing is, I feel that way without the help of intoxicants, it’s my existence and the feeling that comes from being in sync with who I am, a person who thrives on change. That’s my personal paradox, the constant I need is constant change.

So, last summer (2018) I hopped a freight train, for what I figured would be the last time. However, luckily, that hasn’t turned out to be the case;) I think Terri and I have hit upon a pretty good balance. We’ll spend the entire summer in Wisconsin near my daughter’s house in Madison, the last place we had a sticks and bricks dwelling, which will make Terri happy, and I’ll take some time to myself to ride the rails!!! Yay!

Near the appropriately named Wheatland, ND

By staying put, I get to wander! Makes sense, right?

So, I thought I would blog a little bit about my experiences riding the rails this summer. First objective, Glacier National Park by freight train;)

The Summer Of Train Hopping! Part II

2 thoughts on “The summer of train hopping! Part I”

  1. George: just came across your blog and youtube channel a few weeks ago, have been gradually reading/watching from time to time.

    I’m really enjoying your work. I’m living on my farm about an hour west of WDC in the eastern edge of the Blue Ridge mountains.

    Back in the day, I rode some trains, too, and I still remember nearly all those adventures…what a great time that was. Right before I left for college, last big fling before the onslaught.

    Dunno if you’re still monitoring comments on your a-while-back posts, but if so, and you read this, why not drop me a line sometime if you get a minute so we can swap yarns.



  2. Hey, George – would you please edit my prior post, and take out the e-mail addr?
    That was for your benefit; I try to keep my contact data as private as I can, for obvious reasons.


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