The Summer of Train Hopping! Part III

So the June day finally came to actually catch out. I rode the bus over to La Crosse, WI where I was pretty sure that I could catch out undetected. My plan was to hike  a mile or two from the bus drop off point on the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse campus to a secluded spot along the BNSF mainline where I would wait for dark and a suitable train.

As luck would have it, it was a rainy day. I had looked at the weather forecast and determined that the front triggering the rain would be past La Crosse by early evening leaving me decent weather to catch out in. I arrived in La Crosse to a moderate and steady rainfall. I was well prepared, I had a rain cover for my giant pack as well as rain gear for myself. I bought a cheep rain suit from Walmart that consisted of waterproof pants and jacket. Continue reading The Summer of Train Hopping! Part III