The Beginning

I like to tell people my husband, George and I are fine tuning our Love-Hate relationship. All you housewives out there know what I mean. Especially able to perfect this when you live in a motor home full time with each other and three small pets, Gizzy, our pug and Olive and Pickles, our parakeets.  George screwed a hook into one of the old plastic antenna covers in the ceiling. So their cage is off the ground and we don’t have to have a bird stand. We had started out with one. It is fun how you come up with the simplest ideas that work great and function well in a small space.

How I have adapted to this life style is the bedroom is my domain and the living area is George’s domain. We each have our own TV and I always try to decorate with a vase of fresh cut flowers and other fun objects and pictures in my bedroom.  I even use a staple gun and hang my wreaths from the window frame. Walmarts are located in about every city or town, so that is where I buy the flowers. I bought a wooden tray to eat my meals on while I am sitting on my bed and George has a tv tray for his meals in the living area. So we even eat our meals separately while we watch our own favorite shows and that’s the way we like it.

We started this nomadic life August 15th, 2016.

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