We Moved and Our Philosophy On Campgrounds.

Well, we left what became one of our favorite static spots. We were boondocking (dry camping) on a friend’s farm outside of Waunakee, WI. For nomads, we haven’t been very nomadic lately, since we spent most of May and June here. We are spending the summer in the Madison area of Wisconsin. Usually we spend about two months here in the summer visiting family and catching up on maintenance, etc., but this summer, we had so much going on we are ending up spending almost the entire time here.

Looking back across the pasture to where we spent two months. This was a great spot for us!

Our friend, Tessa, sold her farm and so we packed up and headed off to a new location. It was so beautiful and quiet on the farm that it will take a little getting used to being somewhere else.

View across the road from Tessa’s

One of the things we don’t talk a lot about is what a pain it can be if you want to stay in one area for an extended period of time and you don’t have options like a friend’s farm. For example, in Dane County, Madison’s county, if you haven’t reserved a spot online in one of the four campgrounds that can accommodate RVs, you can plan on moving every few days. Even if you make reservations, assuming you can get a block of dates that long, you are limited to 14 days in any one campground, then you have to move for at least a week.

So, it gets to be a hassle, and we prefer smaller, off the beaten path places. Places like city parks, fairgrounds and smaller country parks have provided us with some of our best stays, and are often free or very inexpensive. I’m sure we aren’t alone when we prefer and search for the campgrounds with fewer amenities, instead of more!

Anyway, the problem I have with bigger, more formal campgrounds like the Dane County parks is that they aren’t anything super special, they are nice, but you end up spending about $30 a night, and still have to move, and some days, you simply aren’t going to have a spot, like over holidays and many weekends. So, we look for the hidden gems and other opportunities. It looks like I found one in Blanchardville, WI. It’s a little city campground, less than $15 a night, and right on a branch of the Pecatonica river. Downtown, well actually, anywhere in town, is within easy walking distance. Plus, we can stay here through August if we like. It’s about 45 minutes from Madison, but that isn’t too restrictive given the cost, the beauty and the fact that we have hookups. (Water and 30 Amp Electric). There is a dump station here too.

I’ll add some pictures and shoot some video, but it looks like a winner!

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