The Falls

The the Grand Canyon of the east is located in Letchworth  State Park in Western New York. I wanted to begin by telling how we found this amazing place. We were at a farm stand at the intersection of highways 39, 20 and 5 in rural New York. There were two local people picking up produce, their names were Linda and Jason. Linda told me the family who owns the farm stand has been doing this for years. They  have a metal bank and you leave the money in the bank. Linda also gave me some farm fresh eggs  she had picked up down the road, out of the kindness of her heart! Jason and I struck up a conversation. I told him we were living in our RV now. He said we were only a few miles away from Letchworth state park. The “Grand Canyon of the East”.


On our way back from the East Coast, we decided to check out the Letchworth state park. And I am so glad we did. We stayed at the Campstream campground in Gainesville, NY.  We felt like the state park wouldn’t have cell or satellite connection with all the trees but the park was beautiful.


Within the park, the Genesee River cascades over three falls including the 107 foot drop of the middle falls.  The middle falls feels as if you’re on top of the waterfalls, just mesmerizing. The upper falls is located below a huge train bridge, which they are replacing with a new bridge. The old bridge was constructed in 1875. It is something to see with the waterfalls below it. I sat awhile just watching. It was so relaxing and hypnotic. George and I really enjoyed this “Grand Canyon” with 500 foot drops into the canyon covered with all these trees,  rocks and waterfalls, a magnificent combination. What a day!

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