Wild Horses of Bluewater

A  little over a hundred miles west of Albuquerque, New Mexico is a state park called Bluewater. It is a very well maintained  park with new buildings springing up. It is open all year round with hook-ups for electricity at some sites  as well as primitive sites for those with tents. There are water faucets throughout the park; there are no water hook-ups at individual sites. But the water does run all year, according to Darrin, an employee at the park. There is also a dump station. We payed $4.00 per night with the annual pass which we had purchased earlier in our travels.

George, my husband, had told me he read about wild horses roaming the area. We decided to walk down the boat ramp to get to the lake.  A  shimmering, glassy  lake appeared. The lake lies in a valley.  Across the lake is the town of Bluewater Acres.  We could see horses at the waters edge grazing and drinking water below the village. But not until the next day, did we see wild horses on our side of the lake.


After lunch, that next day, George went fly fishing for muskie off the shoreline. Earlier, George and I had run into a young man named David who owned a fly fishing shop in Prewitt, where Bluewater State Park  is located.  That is really all that is there besides homes, so come prepared with supplies. Anyway, George had mentioned he wanted to stop by David’s  shop. When George went to the shop David had left a rod and  a hand tied fly just for George to use for $10.00.  I call that fantastic service. Anyway, as George was fishing he heard a thunderous sound of hooves pounding the ground. He turned  around and there were a mare and her colt. They were charging down  the valley and into the water for a drink out of the lake.


Gizzy, our pug, and I went down to see how George was doing fishing. As I walked down the boat ramp  and then onto the beach, I looked up to the right, on a cliff probably 50 feet away from us were the mare and colt grazing above us. There were no brands on them. First time for us to see wild horses up close. Just so magnificient to see them in their element unrestrained. They quietly ate and the mother kept an eye on Gizzy and me, as we walked by, another day in wonderland!

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